Why the Classic Membership?

✔ Lay the foundation for online engagement by regularly sharing updates, quotes, and announcements.

✔ Keep your digital platforms relevant, ensuring your congregation finds accurate information easily.

✔ Establish a routine for organizing tasks and events, promoting smoother operations.


Streamlines daily tasks to ensure your community stays connected.

Why the Deluxe Membership?

✔ Extend your reach by promoting your sermons weekly, inviting new listeners to join.

✔ Maintain your organizational routine to manage growing needs.

✔ Empower your team with better time utilization for more impactful work.

✔ Enhance communication, keeping your congregation informed through multiple channels.


Creates effective structure to mobilize the vision of your team

Why the Ultimate Membership? 

✔ Ensure your platforms remain cutting-edge, reflecting your commitment to excellence.

✔ Sustain organized operations, adapting to the growing demands of your church.

✔ Continue to boost productivity, allowing leaders to focus on meaningful initiatives.

✔ Expand your impact beyond the church, fostering unity through a community event.


Let's chat and together, we can curate a package that is the right fit for your ministry and directly addresses your pain points. 

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