Revival thrives on vision, direction, and meticulous detail management for a seamless daily flow. My passion involves creating streamlined systems that lighten workloads, allowing you to focus on guiding and nurturing individuals while propelling forward with unwavering momentum.

Serving organizations from the bottom up enhancing their effectiveness

Additional staff could help organize events, but the costs include training time & potential long-term commitments.

Could disrupt team dynamics, requiring time for adjustment.

Could help manage daily responsibilities, but comes with financial commitments such as salary, benefits, and taxes

Hire New Staff

Overloading existing staff can lead to exhaustion, affecting their ability to carry out daily tasks consistently and passionately.

Overburdened staff might rush through administrative work, leading to errors that impact the ministry's professionalism and reputation

Stressed staff may lack the creativity and time to plan unique and impactful retreats or events.

Existing staff at maximum workload

Exhausted staff might struggle to connect deeply during ministry activities, impacting the spiritual experience of participants.

Hiring an employee for specific projects might not be cost-effective for a ministry's fluctuating workload.

Streamlined approaches to administrative tasks, optimizing resource allocation


Objective viewpoints, enhancing the impact of projects and events

Consultants specializing in event planning can ensure well-organized retreats and events.

Consultants focus on specific goals, ensuring retreats and events align with ministry objectives.

I'm Adriana Bouiss. I live in the beautiful foothills of Boise, Idaho with my husband, two spirited children, and a feisty chihuahua. Over the past decade and more, my journey has been devoted to meaningful service in ministries. This has taken me from a campus church at Virginia Tech to youth ministry in Ketchum, Idaho and (my favorite adventure yet), 2.5 years on the island of Oahu. I am passionate about the local and global church and I thrive on finding innovative ways to serve His Kingdom. 
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"A jack of all trades is a master of none, but often times better than a master of one."


- Christina Price

"Adriana is like sea salt; you won’t truly know how good something can be without her on your project or team, pulling out the flavors and adding all the trace minerals you never know you needed." 

- Christina Price

"I loved being a part of the retreats Adriana organized because my role and expectations were clearly communicated and everything ran smoothly allowing me to fully focus on the kids. And of course, the kids always had a blast!" 


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